How Does it Work?


This is a very common question!

The first step

We'll begin by providing an assessment by a NYS Licensed Behavior Analyst who identifies areas of concern. These are the cornerstone of your child's treatment plans. Partnering with parents, we create goals used to measure success.

We handle the insurance process for you

Our team will obtain precertification from your insurance company and provide you with all the information you need about securing the services through insurance. You may be able to access these services through your insurance company. Once we have verified the insurance coverage we obtain authorization for treatment and the work with your child begins!

The Benefits and Goals


ABA sessions - focusing on improving the core deficits of Autism Spectrum Disorder:

  • We aim to increase socialization and play skills

  • Together, we implement behavior reduction programs - replacing inappropriate behaviors with functional behaviors

  • Measurable improvement of communication and comprehension skills

  • Family outings - trips to the mall/supermarket, coping with change, medical appointments, going to restaurants, birthday parties, etc.

  • Enhancing activities of daily living (grooming, self-feeding, household chores, dressing, and more)



Catalyst - Electronic Data Collection:

  • The Licensed Behavior Analyst (LBA) creates an individualized curriculum considering parental concerns and requests
  • Curriculum assessments are administered to create developmentally appropriate programs/target behaviors for each student
  • All goals are entered on the catalyst app (HIPAA Compliant) including specific teaching instructions and the type of data collection the ABA instructor needs
  • The ABA instructor uses a mobile device for data recording during sessions
  • The LBA tracks ongoing progress and make modifications on a weekly basis
  • The LBA provides ongoing supervision (with the total number of hours determined by insurance company)
  • When requested, Spectrum Therapeutics can give parents access to their child's curriculum on Catalyst to view progress, write notes to instructor or LBA, and/or record videos for the LBA to view



  • Every 6 months, the LBA will submit a re-assessment report showing progress with the student's current programs/target behaviors
  • The report is submitted to your insurance company to determine if the child needs to continue or terminate the services based on student performance