Why Spectrum Therapeutics?


Spectrum Therapeutics is an agency that serves children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). We strive to work with and empower families to produce a behavior treatment program that will help enhance the lives of the children and the family unit.

Our programs help your child function independently at home as well as develop skills that may not be covered in an academic setting.

These skills include:

  • communication with family members
  • daily routines
  • social gatherings
  • preparing for family outings/vacation
  • transitioning from one activity to another
  • gaining play skills

Our team of professionals are all trained extensively in ABA. They come to you. We'll choose times that are most convenient for your family. Families may also receive parent training to learn how to employ the same strategies used by our team.


Our Leadership

Spectrum Therapeutics is a unique organization, built with the experience and expertise of Sharon Blumenthal and Ruth Meyers, both accomplished and expert therapists.  Since 1999, Sharon and Ruth have built a team of the most capable and caring professionals to serve the individual needs of your children and your family. Their long-standing reputations in the field, has attracted skilled and committed professionals who are able to fulfill the daily demands and extraordinary standards of Spectrum Therapeutics.

The team employs a seasoned and diligent hands-on approach which not only facilitates the process, but also assures that all our clients receive the full complement of the very best services in the field. The team constantly undergoes training in person and through continuing educations courses. This learning culture plays a pivotal role in assuring positive clinical outcomes and client satisfaction.